The future of cannabis processing is here. 

Organnx is taking an approach to existing, known extraction and distillation processes and creating adaptations that can impact specific markets within the cannabis industry. Organnx has new distillation technology that is employed not only to satisfy commercial crude oil distillation contracts but is providing the basis for a new concentrate product classification entirely.


Organnx is introducing two new bulk cannabis products to the California market. Acme Oil is a spectrum product and 97% is a concentrate/oil. Acme Oil has the characteristics that suppliers, manufacturers and edibles companies are looking for. It is ultraclean, fully activated and retains the natural spectrum of the processed material. 97% is ultra-pure D9 THC and is not currently offered at this level of concentration on the market today. In the future, we will apply this same technology to obtain CBG and CBN from cannabis sources. Our goal at Organnx is to be the preeminent supplier of bulk extraction ingredients in California. We are in the process of identifying key partners in the cannabis market that can work with us in this effort. We are looking for like-minded organizations that have a track record of strategic success and social responsibility in promoting the ongoing expansion of cannabis adoption. We look forward to working with you.

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