California 97% is a new concentrate product from Organnx. 97% is produced with proprietary Organnx technology and maintains a minimum concentration of 97% Δ9 THC (Δ-9- tetrahydrocannabinol). The THCa has been fully decarboxylated in the creation process leaving the final Δ9THC in an oil state as opposed to a state of crystallization (as seen in high concentration THCa products). As a fully decarboxylated cannabis product, the entirety of the THC present in the concentrate is available to impact the product’s effect.
Whether vaporized or ingested, the Δ9THC has no loss in conversion efficiency that high THCa products possess. 97% can be added to customers’ exclusive concentrates to increase Δ9THC percentages for an additional kick without impacting the taste of the core products. 97% is key to creating higher quality products for edibles manufactures in terms of quality control and repeatable product effect. Since 97% is virtually pure Δ9THC, it can be added to any existing cannabis product to increase the THC content without impacting the
taste and smell characteristics of the original brand.


97% has virtually no impact on taste or smell due to the fact that it is exceptionally clean and ultrapure. This key trait allows 97% to enhance existing specialty concentrate product lines. The effect strength of dabable product lines can be enhanced by using 97% in the final manufacturing steps. This increase in THC content allows the manufacturer to increase product strength without impacting the original brand characteristics. 97% can be used as the base of proprietary products. The retail brand can package 97% as a standalone product line for the customer to consume in vaped form or consume as an edible.


97% is virtually pure Δ9THC and therefore exists in an oil state. As an oil, 97% can be used in product lines that are currently utilizing distillates as a base. 97% has a number of features and benefits to consider when comparing to the use of distillate. As an ultrapure oil, the taste does not interfere with proprietary terpene blends and live resin combinations of existing consumer offerings. A higher level of quality is achieved for these brand exclusive lines since the variation existing in distillates is eliminated by use of a pure base product. 97% has a very repeatable, manageable effect in these product lines with the opportunity for higher overall THC content control.


97% is a premium cannabis product that is created through innovative manufacturing technologies designed and operating in California. 97% is distributed in 1⁄4 Liter bottles lined with an FDA approved material. These smaller volumes are more convenient for the specialty use case volumes that many manufactures require. Additionally, this packaging improves manufacturing management of the oil and reduces losses. 97% eliminates the variation that exists in the current market offering of cannabis base oils. 97% is the cannabis oil of choice for all brands, big or small.


Edibles Manufacturers with proprietary product lines have been waiting for a key cannabis ingredient with the features and benefits of 97%. 97% is fully decarboxylated making all the THC present available to impact the consumer experience. 97% is exceptionally clean and ultrapure which eliminates taste and smell characteristics of lower quality cannabis oils. 97% is key to standardizing manufacturing processes and quality control. For edible manufactures, these features of 97% are extremely beneficial. Organnx operates within its ISO9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System requirements and is able to provide the high-quality key ingredient that edible manufacturers require for their brand-name consumer products.

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