Acme Oil is a new cannabis base oil product from Organnx. Acme Oil is an omni-plant, fully decarboxylated cannabis oil with principally no fats, waxes, lipids or chlorophyll. The process maintains the cannabinoid profile of the processed plant with a typical concentration range of 80% – 85% and is created in less than an hour through a single pass. The Organnx extraction method is a low heat process that allows for retention of the full cannabinoid profile as well as carotenoids, flavonoids and other essential oils. The preservation of these
powerful antioxidants creates the dark color associated with Acme Oil. The absence of fats, waxes, lipids and chlorophyll in Acme Oil dictates an exceptionally clean and ultrapure base oil. Through full conversion of all THCa to Δ9THC, the quality of the key cannabis ingredient for edible products is optimized. In addition, the business case for downstream manufacturers is greatly improved by eliminating winterization and decarboxylation operations and/or equipment.


Acme Oil is suitable for all base oil & distillate product lines. The cannabinoid concentration of 80% – 85% is within the range of current distillate product offerings. The retention of the full cannabinoid profile as well as the carotenoids, flavonoids and other essential oils affords an entourage effect that distillate cannot provide when combined with a retail brand’s proprietary terpene profile. Organnx can work with customer’s supply chain management to produce Acme Oil with a specific cannabinoid profile to match the incoming strain fingerprints for Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids. Finally, Acme Oil’ s dark color provides leverage and differentiation for market penetration while standing apart as a natural, clean, omni-plant cannabis oil.


As a further manufacturing base oil, Acme Oil has a number of key features that set it apart when used by partner manufactures for creating proprietary distillates and concentrates. Acme Oil is an exceptionally clean and ultrapure cannabis oil which allows for cleaner distillation operations. With the fully decarboxylated cannabinoid concentration of 80% – 85%, Acme Oil greatly reduces the distillation passes needed to meet inhouse concentration specifications. All current winterization and decarboxylation processes can be fully excluded from in-house manufacturing operations saving significant time, money and labor costs as well as eliminating the equipment associated with these unneeded processes. The higher concentrations of Acme Oil
as a base oil means that there are more cannabinoids available per liter for downstream in-house manufacturing operations. Acme Oil can improve current manufacturing operations with significant cost reductions or can be used as a distillate replacement “as is” for proprietary product lines. The Organnx process eliminates the “burnt” smell commonly associated with decarboxylated oils and allows it to compete directly with distillate in brand- name product lines.


Edibles Manufacturers with proprietary product lines have been waiting for a key cannabis ingredient with the features and benefits of Acme Oil. Acme Oil is fully decarboxylated. Acme Oil contains no fats, waxes, lipids or chlorophyll. Acme Oil has the full cannabinoid profile of the strain used in its production. Acme Oil has an 80% – 85% cannabinoid concentration. For edible manufactures, these features of Acme Oil are extremely beneficial. These key performance qualities allow Acme Oil to be fully activated, pleasant tasting, highly concentrated and able to deliver a specific, desired entourage effect. Acme Oil is produced and bottled in less than an hour through a single pass operation with Organnx proprietary technology. This process is extremely clean with no direct labor or handling of the product by personnel from extraction to bottling. Organnx operates within its ISO9001: 2015 compliant Quality Management System requirements and is able to provide

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