About Organnx

Where did Organnx begin?

Organnx’s roots are in manufacturing, engineering and innovation.  Our technologies and system designs allow us to compete in markets that currently require skilled workers performing labor intensive operations.

What is the Organnx process?

Organnx has automated extraction and distillation processes and has created technology adaptations that can impact specific markets within the cannabis industry.

What are the advantages of working with Organnx?

Our roots are in manufacturing, engineering and innovation. With automated extraction processes, we have created technology adaptations to create key bulk ingredients critical to the cannabis industry. Our technologies and system designs allow us to compete in markets that currently require skilled workers performing labor intensive operations. Our manufacturing facility encompasses 18,672 square feet and operates in accordance with Organnx’s ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System. Organnx works to partner with our customers and strives to constantly improve our product offerings through technology development and processing advances.

Organnx – Preeminent Cannabis Extract Supplier

Preeminent Cannabis Extract Supplier

Our goal at Organnx is to be the preeminent supplier of bulk extraction ingredients in California.We are looking for like-minded organizations that have a track record of strategic success and social responsibility in promoting the ongoing expansion of cannabis adoption.

What is Acme-Oil™?

Acme Oil is a new cannabis base oil product from Organnx. Acme Oil is an omni-plant, fully decarboxylated cannabis oil with principally no fats, waxes, lipids or chlorophyll. The process maintains the cannabinoid profile of the processed plant with a typical concentration range of 80% – 85% and is created in less than an hour through a single pass. The Organnx extraction method is a low heat process that allows for retention of the full cannabinoid profile as well as carotenoids, flavonoids and other essential oils. The preservation of these powerful antioxidants creates the dark color associated with Acme Oil. The absence of fats, waxes, lipids and chlorophyll in Acme Oil dictates an exceptionally clean and ultrapure base oil. Through full conversion of all THCa to D9THC, the quality of the key cannabis ingredient for edible products is optimized. In addition, the business case for downstream manufacturers is greatly improved by eliminating winterization and decarboxylation operations and/or equipment.

What is California 97%?

97% is a new concentrate product from Organnx. 97% is produced with proprietary Organnx technology and maintains a minimum concentration of 97% D9 THC (Δ-9- tetrahydrocannabinol). The THCa has been fully decarboxylated in the creation process leaving the final D9THC in an oil state as opposed to a state of crystallization (as seen in high concentration THCa products). As a fully decarboxylated cannabis product, the entirety of the THC present in the concentrate is available to impact the product’s effect. Whether vaporized or ingested, the D9THC has no loss in conversion efficiency that high THCa products possess. 97% can be added to customers’ exclusive concentrates to increase D9THC percentages for an additional kick without impacting the taste of the core products. 97% is key to creating higher quality products for edibles manufactures in terms of quality control and repeatable product effect. Since 97% is virtually pure D9THC, it can be added to any existing cannabis product to increase the THC content without impacting the taste and smell characteristics of the original brand.

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