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Acme products are designed to give our customers premium products at an exceptionally competitive price.  Customers with strain specific cannabis sources can maintain their unique signature and brand advantages by partnering with Organnx while still lowering or eliminating the costs of in-house processing operations.

Organnx’s primary goal is to provide crude oil, distillates, and powders as well as isolated cannabinoids at volumes and prices that meet customer demands and delivery specifications. Organnx’s volume pricing agreements create a business case for outsourcing cannabis processing, allowing our customers to focus on their strategic core competencies.  Organnx pricing contracts are designed to give our partners a significant cost competitive edge in an everchanging marketplace.


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Acme-Oil™ is Organnx’s cannabis oil product that is extracted using new proprietary technology.  The oil is extracted through multiple processes that provide for full control of the product’s concentration.  The final result represents the oil of the natural cannabinoids and terpenes present in the plant with an overall specified concentration.  Acme-Oil™ is processed using fully automated technologies. We produce higher yields than other methods – specifically those which utilize off-the-shelf equipment.  Acme-Oil™ is simply the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids at a specified concentration with an option to include the recovered terpenes.  Organnx’s processing system provides control over the range of concentration from 65% to low 90%. The oil content is determined by customer specifications and final product pricing is based on cannabinoid concentrations.

Acme-Oil™ has a controlled concentration range (65% to low 90%) in order to fulfil market needs for varying product uses.  In the lower range, Acme-Oil™ competes directly with current crude oil products. As the oil concentration rises above 80%, Acme-Oil™ aggressively competes with distillate.  Acme-Oil™ has a higher yield than competing distillation products at the same concentration due to higher process efficiencies.  Today’s distillation operations are generally a secondary extraction process performed to remove additional waxes, fats and chlorophylls left over from the original extraction process.  These distillation processes naturally increase the concentration of THC but are highly inefficient considering that manual distillation equipment requires a skilled operator.  Additionally, distillation used in this function does not maintain the original strain cannabinoid ratio nor is it effective for overall volume yields.  Conversely, Acme-Oil™ does maintain the majority of strain specific cannabinoids in the natural fingerprint ratios and can include the majority of the terpenes recovered – at any concentration.  Acme-Oil™ is aggressively priced to compete against bulk crude and distillate through any market fluctuations.


Acme-Distillates™ are cannabis oil concentration products created with Organnx’s exclusive distillation process.  Our distillation technology is completely automated with full control of the entire process – including THC/CBD/cannabinoid content, distillate color and viscosity.  Our patented distillation method can be used to isolate or concentrate particular cannabinoids to meet customer’s specification.  Acme-Distillates™ can target the separation/isolation of particular cannabinoids at a significantly higher quality and throughput than manually operated equipment.  Organnx’s distillation can also be used to clean up crude while concentrating THC content for a very low processing cost.  Pricing and volume distillation agreements provide our customers with cost reductions and improved quality when compared to in-house operations.


Acme-Powder™ is a critical next step for edible manufacturers and customers with branded cannabis supplements – such as drink and food additives.  Powders are much better for mixing with dry ingredients in the manufacture of edibles.  Additionally, Acme-Powder™ can be created to have pseudo-solubility in water which yields higher quality custom beverage production.  Powders allow manufacturers and end-users precise dosage control, especially when delivered in single dose packaging.  Organnx is able to produce Acme-Powder™ under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements and is created through a continuous process – from strain specific biomass to powder.  Acme-Powder™ maintains the strain fingerprint and is available in bulk pricing agreements.

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